About Me

A + M  CANDLE CO is a one woman, home operated show. My name is Monique.  Hi, nice to meet ya! I’m the girl who melts all the wax, wicks and pours every candle, designs every label, and packages every order. Anytime you read “we” and “our”, I literally mean “just me”. The whole idea came from a very recent time in my life where everything was moving way too fast when all I wanted was to desperately find “the slow”. I knew I needed a creative outlet to move out some tough energy that I was working through. You see, I’m a first time mom to that smiling, happy, full of life little boy that you see in the picture above, but adjusting to motherhood was rough for me. It's forced me out of my comfort zone like nothing else! I’m naturally an anxious person, and so many times I’ve struggled with all of the pressures of being a mom, the shame, the guilt, the feelings of not being good enough. 

My first year in motherhood was hard and still is at times. Amongst all of the joys and the many struggles, my first year in motherhood was also the year that I gained the label of being called "an allergy mom". My son has an extremely rare food allergy that only affects a handful of kids in the entire world called FPIES, and is characterized by violent vomiting 2-3 hours after ingesting an offended food. If not treated quick enough, kids can go into shock. It can happen with any food, food additive, basically anything they ingest. Some kids even react to certain water. There’s no test that can be run that’ll tell us which foods he’s allergic to. Everything is trial and error, meaning anytime we feed my son anything new, we hold our breath for the 3 hour mark to pass with no reaction, a 9-1-1 call, or trip to the ER.

The pressures of being a mom and everything else that comes along with life is so overwhelming at times. It’s work, and sometimes it feels like it’s all too much. So we’re here to help you find your “slow” from whatever it is that life is throwing at you at the moment because navigating the unknown is tough, I know.