About Us

Our Mission: To Help People Going Through Tough Times

Our aim is to raise awareness about the issues around mental health and help as many people as we can. So we thought the best way to do that was to build a strong brand selling strong products! We want everyone who buys from us to feel happy and positive about themselves because they know they have done something good. Not only are you buying excellent quality products but you are also helping support people in need who are going through difficult times in their lives.

Our Candles: Longest Lasting Beauty

           Our candles aim to give the longest and most beautiful sensory experience. The gel wax used in our candles last up to 2x longer then simple conventional candles, we have had people experience even longer burn times then that! This advantage provided by our candles means more money in your pocket. AM Candle Co candles will help you create the perfect setting and escape the everyday rush. Their mesmerizing beauty will help you unwind or make the perfect gift for your special someone. These hand poured candles are the perfect addition to your space as they look incredible, smell beautiful and are so unique!

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