Tips To Help You Stay Focused

For a long time I’ve struggled to stay focused. It would feel as though there were a hundred things to do but not enough time to do them. If this is something you feel the same way about, I encourage you to read on and try to do the things listed in the article. If you do, who knows what you might be able to achieve!

Tips To Help You Stay Focused


One Thing At A Time

         When I was a kid I remember nagging my parents to let me play 10 sports, learn 7 instruments and see 17 friends a day. What I didn’t realise is that if I tried to do everything at once I would never have been good at any of them. It’s the same now that I’m older if I try to do too many things at once I will never get anything done. If we say yes to absolutely everything, we will almost never achieve the things we want to. What I’ve found extremely helpful is to revisit your list of goals, focus on one goal at a time and the steps required to get these goals ticked off. Yes there may be opportunities that arise, but these opportunities that have nothing to do with your goals, so say no to them. Only say yes to the opportunities that will bring you closer to achieving your goals, one at a time!


Success Is The Sum Of Small Efforts, Repeated Day In And Day Out - Robert Collier


Rid Yourself Of The Distractions

         In today’s day and age there are an endless amount of distractions; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YoutTube, text messages, phone calls, emails, TV and the list goes on. When I first decided I was going to try starting a business, writing a blog and consistently get photos together for social media posts, I didn’t realise but the amount of distractions I let myself succumb to was massive. I need to focus on one of these things at a time in order to move forward. After you’ve read this article sit down and try to write a list of all the things that you know distract you. Once you have your list, come up with methods to prevent them from distracting you in the future.

For example Facebook notifications would catch my attention even 5 minutes because I would hear my phone vibrate. The easiest way to stop that happening was to simply change the notification settings in the app and my focus very quickly improved.  I challenge you to turn off your Facebook notifications and see how much more effective your work is, I guarantee it will be ten times better!


Distractions Destroy Action. If It's Not Moving You Towards You Purpose Leave It Alone - Jermaine Riley


Remember Your Why

         This particular point may be hard to start off with but is crucial to maintain your focus. Because we live in a time where distractions can be found almost anywhere, it is very important to step back and remember your why. Why are you doing what your doing? Do you want to live a particular lifestyle? Do you want to drive a particular car? Do you want to help a particular group of people? Do you want to fulfil a particular purpose in your life? As mentioned in the first point of this article, there are so many things that we want focus on but unfortunately you can’t accomplish them all at once. Take a step back to remember what you are doing and focus on one step at a time to help bring you closer to your goals.


When You Feel Like Quitting, Think About Why You Started - Unknown


         Hopefully now that you’ve read this you can see some of the flaws in your ability to stay focused. I know I still have some of these flaws but if we work on them every day it will get easier. You will get more done throughout the day and you will achieve your goals. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are so feel free to comment or email me, and please share it around with anyone you think I may help!


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