Signs Of A Mental Down Turn

So as you probably know I have experienced the crippling hold of depression in my life and I want to offer as much insight and help as I can to you or anyone close to you. The annoying thing about depression is that every now and then it will rear its ugly head and try to fight its way back and take over your thoughts. Recently, for a period of about 2 weeks I noticed that I started to show the signs of a mental down turn. I want to share some of the signs that led up to this in the hope that it might help someone realise that they might be slipping and to prove that you can come back from it. If you notice any of these signs in yourself or someone close to you, do what you can so you can get back on top of it, and the quicker you do it the easier it is.


Signs Of A Mental Down Turn


“I’ll do it tomorrow”

            The infamous four words that seem to make everything harder “I’ll do it tomorrow”. In the last two weeks I have said these nasty words far too many times. I didn’t read over my goals one day because I thought to myself “it’s fine, I’ll do it tomorrow”. Boy was I wrong because in fact it almost always seems to be the start of something bad. It sets a bad mental example and says to your brain that it’s ok to miss something. This mentality had a snowball effect and went from me not reading over my goals, to me not getting up on time and eventually wasting most of my day not being productive. All my productivity went out the window and I lost time doing nothing instead of something I enjoy such as furthering my business or helping others out. This ultimately resulting in feeling even more down and out. However, I’m pretty sure the worst thing for me was losing sight of my goals.


Losing sight of your goals

            It wasn’t necessarily that I actively avoided them, I just didn’t read over them one morning (again the “I’ll do it tomorrow” thing) and it snowballed from there. Once I had stopped reading them I gradually lost my way and lost sight of where I wanted to go in life, and when you lose sight of something so important it has a dramatic impact on your mindset and mentality. I simply felt lost. Make sure to always read over your goals no matter what you have on for the day or what you are doing, make sure to stayed focused on achieving them.


Here are some helpful hints:


Losing interest in the things you enjoy

            Once you have lost your way, and you forget about your goals, you will start to lose interest in the things you once enjoyed. I had not been to the gym for a couple of weeks, I didn't ride my bike and I hadn’t bought my girlfriend flowers for some time. All the things I know I enjoy didn’t seem so important anymore. The activities that you do enjoy, make you who you are and are crucial to keeping you focused and leave you with a strong mindset. If you don’t take time out of your day to step back and do something for yourself, or do something that makes you feel good, you will quick fall deeper into despair and make it easier for the depression to set in.


Heres 3 tips to help you get back on your feet:


Always tired

            So at this point I had lost sight of my goals, lost interest in the things I enjoy, all that I felt was left to do was sit down do nothing and sleep. I was consistently tired, I didn’t really want to get out of bed because I had lost sight of where I was going, and had no motivation to get there. I would sleep for hours on end get up and still feel tired. This is also something I've heard buzzing around but I promise once you find some help and get back on top of things it will go away. You will find your energy and drive again. Hopefully by now you can start to see that this is when the depression starts to come back and take over.


Simple conversations becomes difficult

            With depression, simple conversations with people close to you become very difficult. I can’t say with certainty why this simple task becomes so hard. It might be to do with some deep seeded fear of ridicule, or something as silly as not wanted to talk about whats on your mind. It’s a very odd feeling knowing the phone is ringing but being scared to answer it, seeing a simple single sentence text message and not wanted to reply but it happens.


            If you notice that any of these things are starting to happen to you I strongly urge you to mention it to someone. It can be as simple as having a super short chat with someone about what’s going on in your head. I promise it’ll make things easier for you and you will feel the weight of the world lift off your shoulders. On the other hand if you notice someone close to you is starting to show any of these signs have a talk with them. Remember they most likely won’t be thinking logically or rationally and find it very hard to talk, take it slow and try to keep the conversation gradually moving forwards. I hope this has helped you in some way, I’d love to hear what your thoughts are. So feel free to email me, and please share it around with anyone you think I may help.


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