How To Unleash The Power Of Your Mornings

One of the main things I discovered this week is that your morning determines how the rest of your day will be. I made 4 simple changes to my morning routine that I strongly suggest you try. You will have so much more energy then you have ever had before, I know I do! Here are the 4 simple things anyone can do to help unlock their full potential.


How To Unleash The Power Of Your Mornings


1. Set an alarm everyday.

In the past I would waste my evening watching TV and gawking at my Facebook feed. Eventually I would fall asleep and wake up at whatever time suited. I have certainly changed since then and now have an alarm go off at 6:30am every morning. Setting an alarm will help your body get into a routine and the human body loves to sync to routines. Within the first week of starting to use a consistent alarm my body now wakes itself up 5 mins before the alarm sounds knowing its time to get started.


I found this university article helped make sense of the body’s natural rhythms.


2. Listen to something positive and up lifting.

Almost as soon as the alarm has been turned off try and listen to something that gets you excited. I’ve found that listen to motivational speeches gets me excited and sets me up for a positive day full of productivity. It will make you feel good about yourself keeping you focused and motivated to achieve your goals.


After the motivational speech I put on some up beat music. The reason for doing this is simply that it will make you want to get up get moving. You’ll also find that music can help create a really positive and warm environment, perfect to set the mood for the rest of the day.


I found Evan Carmichael’s video’s really helpful with this:


3. Eat and drink something healthy.

Just like your car needs fuel your body needs food. If you use high-octane fuel in your car it will run much better then using a lower octane alternative. Your body is the same, if you eat food high in sugars and bad fats it wont function nearly as well compared to if you had eaten something nutritious. Recently I tried to go 2 months consuming no more then 6 tea spoons (one teaspoon equal to 4 grams) of sugar a day. I very quickly learnt how much sugar is in the food we perceive as “healthy” and very quickly discovered how much better I feel having cut down on sugar. I strongly suggest you give it a go! During sleep we tend to sweat and hopefully you’ve been asleep for several hours. Your body is usually at least a little dehydrated when you wake up, so top it back up and have a glass of water.


Give the challenge a go.


4. Do something active.

Do something to get your blood pumping and your heart rate up. I go to the gym for a 45-minute work out that works quite well for me. My brother on the other hand goes for a 20-minute walk around the block. Find something that suits you and get out and do it. Its been proven that even a small amount of exercise each day can reduces the secretion of cortisol – stress hormone – from the adrenal cortex. This in turn reduces the risk of developing mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Not only this but it increases the release of endorphins, which are commonly knows as the brains feel good hormones and I can guarantee you’ll feel great afterwards.


After making these 4 simple changes to my morning I can finish what I used to get done in a day by 11am! I strongly suggest you make these changes so you too can unleash the power of your mornings.

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