Change Your Environment

Something I never thought too much about turned out to be one of the best things I have done for myself ever! I strongly urge you to give some of the things in this article a go because I know they will help you.


Change Your Environment


Why Listen To The Radio?

Your in the car on the way to school, university, work, the shops or any other one of a million things and 9 times out of 10 you put the radio on. Once upon a time I did the same thing, but not anymore. What can you learn from listening to “this celebrity got this hair cut” and “this other famous person bought a new dog”. How is knowing this information going to help you achieve your goals and help you become the person you envision? It won’t. So you might start listening to a playlist off your phone, that is a little better but what happens when you start listening to the same songs day in and day out? You still haven’t learned anything or improved yourself. Go out and find something to listen to that will help you become a better person or something that will help you achieve your goals. I want to drive a Ferrari one day so I listened to a speech given by Chris Gardner in the car today. The lessons I learned from that speech will be with me to the day I die and I know by doing this I’m closer to achieve my goals.


Here’s the speech, it’s truly unreal what this man has done!


Watch Useful TV

This is basically along the same line as the point above but it is a different environment that I encourage you to change. Everyone does this; they sit on the couch with a big bag chips watching a series on Netflix. You get to the end of the episode and the little counter counts down from 20. You think I should turn it off and go do something productive. The 20 seconds is up before you know and your sitting there thinking “one more wont hurt”. It most certainly will hurt. In the same time it took you to watch that episode you could have made a small step closer to achieving your goals, or at least watched something you can use to improve yourself. Doesn’t matter if its something motivational or a documentary, I challenge you to start changing what you watch. I don’t watch nearly as much TV as I once did and even now if I watch TV I watch something I can use to improve me.


If you have Netflix, this is what’s next on my watch list

Tony Robbins: I’m Not Your Guru


Read a Book

I cannot tell you how many hours I’ve spend staring aimlessly at my Facebook feed. I know there are so many people reading this and thinking almost the exact same thing. Convert your bad habit into something good, read a book instead of your Facebook feed. I always hated reading but I was so wrong, there is so much potential to improve yourself and improve your life if you just read half an hour every day. Since I've started reading, I have been able to do everything from articulating my thoughts significantly better to being able to negotiate previously unthinkable discounts on products and services. Again I challenge you to read more books and a lot less social media.


Give “Getting More” by Stuart Diamond a read, I’ve found it unbelievably helpful!


Change What You See Every Day

What is the first thing you see when you wake up? Does that thing help you work towards achieving your goals? Does it help you become a better, stronger person? If your answer is no, then maybe you should change or add a few things to your room, house, apartment or wherever else it is that you live. Wake up to see pictures of all the things you love in life on the wall. Wake up to see inspirational quotes from role models. Wake up to an image of how you want the future you to live. Change the lock screen on your phone so every time you go to text or call someone you are reminded of your goals. My laptops screen saver cycles through cars I want to drive, the houses I want to live in and the people I want to be like. If you do this it will undoubtedly help you get to that point in your life, it will help you achieve your goals and it will help you become a better person.


Thanks again for reading this, if any of the points made here apply to you or someone you care about, get them to have a read. Who knows, you might be able to change someone’s life for the better.

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