3 Ways To Overcome Depression

3 Ways To Overcome Depression


I’ve dealt with depression for a number of years now and I wanted to share some of the things I’ve done and still do. Depression usual takes hold after a number of difficult events occur in someone’s life, and in my case, it was over coming a severally broken leg during my final year of high school whilst my parents were getting divorced. Events like this take a slow and arduous toll on a person’s mental wellbeing. It essentially brings a person’s mood down to the point where they no longer find joy in things they once loved. It slowly gets worse and eventually you lose all motivation to do the simplest of things. If this sounds similar to the way your feeling or you know someone that may be showing symptoms like this, I strongly urge you to read ahead, share this article with them and help however you can!


Talk To Someone


This is probably one of the hardest things to do for someone suffering from depression, yet it is easily one of the most helpful. Someone suffering from depression most likely feels as though they are a burden, and although that might seem silly to some people, it is usually the case. Because of these feelings, they struggle to open up to people around them and in turn makes things more difficult for them. This is quite often the result of mental illness related suicides. If you are reading this and feel this way, I cannot stress enough that the people around you will be more then happy to help you get back on your feet. No matter how difficult it may seem, I promise you’ll feel a lot better when you talk to someone. If your concerned about someone in your life, ask them how they are doing and don’t hold back because they will deny it several times before they open up.


I know this because it’s exactly what I went through. It took me about 18 months to open up to a friend and my biggest regret was that I didn’t say something earlier! Once I had opened up about the way I was feeling, all of my friends were super happy to help out and it resulted in another close (of) friend of mine talking about his experiences. We even ended up helping each other get back on top of life.


Set A Super Simple Routine


            One of the other big things that will help anyone overcome depression and get back on top is to set a routine. It doesn’t have to be anything excessive or over the top, taking baby steps is the key. Start by getting up at a specific time every morning. One of the symptoms of depression is that a person will suffer from insomnia and not be able to sleep, yet lack the motivation to get out of bed and it ends up becoming a pretty nasty cycle. Set an alarm and get yourself out of bed every morning at a set time. I started by getting up every morning at 7am, regardless of the time I went to bed or what was going on that day. If you have a friend that you’re worried about help them get up every morning at a set time, or contact them at a set time everyday. Just try and do something to help them build a bit of a routine and slowly but surely they will get on the road to recovery.


Do Something To Alleviate Stress


            Personally one of the main issues in my situation was not alleviating stress. I would normally go for a ride on my beloved bike, however I was recovering from a severely broken leg and was unable walk for short periods of time, let alone ride my bike. Being unable to do the activity I would usually do to alleviate the stress, my overall mood and mental wellbeing very quickly crashed to the ground. If there is something you do to relieve stress or even something that would help you “get away form it all” I strongly encourage you to get back to doing it. Even if it is a short amount of time to begin with just push through and do it! I promise it will get easier and start to make you feel better. Again, if you’re worried about someone, get them involved in something you know will help them feel some relief. They will hate it at the start, make excuses, and avoid it at all costs but push forward and take baby steps to get back at it. In my case, it was riding my bike, in someone else's case it might be as simple as colouring in pictures!


            If you’re struggling with depression, I promise it gets better! You may be at the lowest point in your life, but the silver lining is that from now it only gets better! Start small and apply these 3 simple things to your life and you’ll quickly be back on top of things. If your concerned about someone close to you, have a chat with them, get them to have a read of this article or even start taking these steps to recovery for them. Its not easy but you can do it. I did and there is no reason you can’t either!!!

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