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Qué Pasa Calabaza

This highly popular candle from last year is returning Friday, October 22nd at 8pm pst!

And introducing…F R I D A !

Also arriving tonight with Qué Pasa Calabaza!


The Faces of A + M

Hello! This is my family. We are two people who met in high school where we called each other boyfriend and girlfriend. Twelve years later we called each other husband and wife, and are now known as "mama" and "dada" to our toddler son.


Our candles are completely parrafin-free and made with 100% soy wax. Soy wax is made from the oil of soybeans that are grown and processed into wax here in the USA. Soy wax is non-toxic, biodegradable, clean burning, and entirely free of animal derived substances, which all contributes to helping us develop an eco-friendly product.


Our candles are entirely hand crafted and created in small batches. Our wicks are zinc-free, made of cotton, and are built to help our candles thrive by ensuring a clean and even burn. Every fragrance used in our candles are free of phthalates. Recent research shows that these chemicals can have several harmful health effects.


Our glass jars have a simple design that match our aesthetic. Our wish is that after you’ve finished your candle, the jar will be repurposed. The classic design makes it adaptable to any space. We would love to see photos of your repurposed jars so tag us on Instagram. #shopamcandleco

The words out, and it’s good!

It makes my home smell so cozy and so relaxing. I absolutely love the scent. So smooth and light. Not over powering at all. 


I love these soft scent candles. They work really great for anyone with allergies because the fragrance is light and smells really good!!! 


This is the best candle I have ever purchased! It smells amazing! It is such a calming sent and when used with a hot bubble bath so relaxing after a long day.


This candle is lovely and smells divine, in fact I am burning it now and my house smells deliciously like fall. Oh and the packaging was just perfect! I bought one for myself and one as a gift and the person who received it absolutely loved it! Thank you for such high quality products, it is evident that you put your heart and soul into your candles. I will be back!


“The right people, places, and things, will nourish you.”

-Lalah Delia

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